From Cargo Work Pants, Cotton Drill & Lightweight Work Pants, to our famous slim-fit work cuffed cargo pants, we provide a broad choice of work pants for men and women. Our work pants are available in a variety of colours, including Navy, Khaki, Black, White, and Denim.

However, if you prefer not to wear a belt, we have work pants with an elastic drawstring waist that can be tightened without the need of a belt. Our slim-fit work pants will not only provide you with a fashionable look but will be an exceptional fit. Our most popular work pants in Australia include BAD SAVIOUR ™ CUFFED ELASTIC WAIST WORK PANTS  BAD ATTITUDE ™ SLIM FIT CUFFED WORK PANTSBAD REDEMPTION ™ SLIM FIT CUFFED WORK PANTS among others are the most popular work pants in Australia.

Whether you're a contractor, a welder, a carpenter, a plumber, an electrician, a mechanic, or a construction worker, our iconic men's and women's work trousers are created perfectly for you